• Complete Automotive & Motorcycle Concierge Services

    • Complete Automotive & Motorcycle Concierge Services

Radar Installations

IMS offers a variety of active radar/laser systems.

There are a vast array and assortment of radar equipment. Portable (i.e. passive) radar detectors are prevalent, and considered the standard through out the general public. Which is a great misconception. Very similar to cell phones. Portable/passive has the same low performance that a portable cell phone has.

Now an active radar detector system with the radar antennas supported and mounted externally out in the front and rear extremities of the vehicle will give you the best performance. Why? Because their reception value is un-interrupted. The windows of the vehicles have been treated with a lead content. The rear glass contains the greatest lead content, then the side glass, and lastly the front glass with the least amount of lead content.

Now also consider, speed sensitive wipers (which almost all German cars have) is dependent on the lead content in the front windshield to register the amount of raindrops that are touching the front windshield. The lead content in the glass prevents the UV rays from turning the interior of the vehicle into a greenhouse effect/oven. Reducing the temperature of the interior of the vehicle. This lead content prevents the signal strength of the X,K,KA band radar from penetrating the interior of the car. So a passive radar detector is a false sense of security. Just a noise maker that lets you know when you have been had.